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Skinnertoo se 2 4

file size: 85.76 MB
skinnertoo se 2 4
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skinnertoo se 2 4 - Comments
By Crispin1972
June 17, 2013, 23:28
i was a registered user for a few years. then they became bloatware and less protective against newer virus.
skinnertoo se 2 4 - Comments
By Morris1982
October 30, 2013, 06:27
hey folks.... i had a whole reply layed out out for this thread, then decided not too waste my time... when the first reply is [/quote] you call us amateurs (try correct spelling) when you refer to a computers processes as its processors and have other glaring technical inaccuracies. why dont you try getting a clue. this is nothing but scamware, plain and simple. any testament otherwise is fud.[quote] ... ever think english wasn't his/her first language... get a grip....but back on topic(although your prolly gonna try an tack it back off.. hey ho)... i don't like this prog cause it didn't shut down any processes... 29 b4 i started, 30 after..nice...not, although it did detect my system spec, that's no consolation for not doing what it's supposed to do... ah well guess the search is still on
skinnertoo se 2 4 - Comments
By Gorden1973
July 17, 2013, 07:42
i've been using this for a long time.. and this latest version is the best yet. it comes with a new preferences dialog design which makes much more sense.. a phone connection wizard and more stuff. it even works with my siemens phone!i used it with my sony&ericsson t630 and i'm now using it with my siemens s66 ;)actually, i just managed to connect.. not sure if everything is working fine with it :)
skinnertoo se 2 4 - Comments
By Junior1978
September 07, 2013, 09:02
this is a strange program, as it can get it's data from radiotimes.co.uk here in the uk but only finds the bbc range of channels. i use freeguide that also gets it's data from radiotimes.co.uk but has the full range of uk programs. this to me just seems stupid, as it already has the plugin to accept radiotimes.co.uk data but this program only list a fraction of the chanels.
skinnertoo se 2 4 - Comments
By Kristian1976
June 14, 2013, 12:29
chris tv contains trojan horse relevantknowledge. it installs anyhow, it does not uninstall. it starts a local proxy to monitor and redirect your internet traffic. it may do more evil things. it restarts automatically whenever you kill the process. i hope renaming the c:\program files\relevantknowledge directory will get rid of it.

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