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X1300 xge driver

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x1300 xge driver
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x1300 xge driver - Comments
By Aaron1973
December 16, 2013, 23:19
garbage.filezilla 2.x used to be the best. thanks to the stubborn author and clearly poor programming and regressing bugs, filezilla 3.x is irreparably ruined. a damn shame.use alternatives like winscp.
x1300 xge driver - Comments
By Rudolph1989
December 11, 2013, 05:42
this is the smallest operating system that i could see everdownload now (0 kb)hahaha
x1300 xge driver - Comments
By Harvey1985
November 23, 2013, 07:59
i agree with lordcyber. microsoft java vm is a valuable integrated part of my windows system, but only due to the unfortunate circumstance of bad code here and there. i've still uninstalled it on one of my machines (i'm optimistic), and as the program does exactly what it says it will do and has (so far) yielded no complications, i can rate it nothing lower than a 5.
x1300 xge driver - Comments
By Samson1984
November 16, 2013, 09:01
since the feature descriptions i posted on my submission were dropped along the way, here's an abbreviated list.** mirrors screenthe program works by mirroring one screen onto another. the basic usage would involve a laptop screen and a projector showing a mirrored copy of your laptop screen to an audience, for a live software demonstration.the program works by repeatedly grabbing screenshots of your main display, optionally manipulating the screenshot, and then showing it on your mirrored display (ie. the projector).** live zoomthe program will zoom up a portion of your main display to 2x its width and height. you can move the zoomed area around on your laptop display by moving four draggable corner handles, or you can enable the follow-the-mouse mode which will make sure the mouse is always inside the area.** live highlightingyou can "highlight" an area to focus the attention of the audience by fading out everything outside of the area to a near-white color, just barely showing the screen beneath, still live. this area is sizable, again with four draggable corner handles, and movable. you can either set it up by dragging the corner handles, or click+drag a rectangle around an area, or pick a window by holding down ctrl.** drawingdraw on a snapshot of the screen, in different colors, pen widths, using freehand, rectangles or lines. the image will be saved to disk when you exit drawing mode.** pause screenset up a pause screen showing a title, info-text (like what happens after the break), and the current time.** saved viewsyou can prepare for your demonstration by saving the zoom area, highlight area, pause screens, and more and quickly restore them during your demo.** hotkeys and menueither configure system-wide hotkeys for your most used functions, or use the popup menu that includes the main functions, or the tray icon which gives access to the rest.
x1300 xge driver - Comments
By Andrew1978
October 30, 2013, 01:27
nice updates. this version is better.

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