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Display tuner 1 7

file size: 76.19 MB
display tuner 1 7
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display tuner 1 7 - Comments
By Rudolf1983
December 01, 2013, 09:54
not sure who decided that a release candidate [rc4] was a final, but it would be better to double check before making predictions such as this. it may end up being a final, as many times the rc gets converted without a versioning change - but it has not happened here yet.
display tuner 1 7 - Comments
By Bennett1977
December 14, 2013, 15:16
avast! also found embedded rubbish in rc2... (win32:trojan-gen in dude.exe)a pity as it looks an excellent gadget but because of that (and all the other confirming reports nod32, avg) it must get zero stars.... sorry have to be 1....hang on...just checked rc3 and seems clean but will keep an eye on it... these virus reports are too common throughout the history of this software... it will make 5 stars for sure if it stays clear of vir-signs...
display tuner 1 7 - Comments
By Bryon1970
May 07, 2013, 02:03
great mod that gets better every time! new heli's are awsome! there is some lag issues to some of the new maps tho under heavy loads.muskie
display tuner 1 7 - Comments
By Eugene1974
June 13, 2013, 17:00
changelog:improvements:* the legend in the raid control hides automatically if there is not enough space for more important elements.* a new folder/file path widget is added.* validation for folder/file paths is improved where it applicable.* text/hexadecimal editor: hints are added to the status bar for the stop and auto flow buttons* text/hexadecimal editor: data view pane is better displayed.* menu items belonging to inactive panels are blocked.* a confirmation message for deleting a remote computer contains now the name of the computer to be deleted.* file names in the forensic log dialog box are checked for their consistency.* characters entered into the rename and change all invalid symbols to field are checked for their consistency.= changes= existing image files are re-written in the image file creation task rather than in the image file creation dialog box.= the recover dialog box requires that the path for recovered files be full.fixed:- it was possible to enter 0mb and 0gb into the size field on the scan dialog box and start scanning. fixed.- when files were marked on the find results panel using the mark command on the shortcut menu, the files were not immediately marked. fixed.- when the raid control was resized, some internal controls might have invalid sizes. fixed.- if an image file is to be overwritten, no warning was shown and the files was overwritten. fixed.- scan progress was not shown in the simple mode. fixed.- there was no warning message if an incorrect path for recovered files was entered into the output folder field on the recover dialog box.- the remote computer radio button appeared on the recover dialog box when files from an open *.arc image file were saved. fixed.- the open image file dialog box (instead of the save image file one) appeared when an image file was to be saved. fixed.- if a file extension was removed on the create image dialog box, the file extension was not added automatically when the file type was changed. fixed.- there were errors when valid xml files were loaded. fixed.- an empty error message appeared when any value was completely deleted on the properties pane in the debug mode. fixed.- file recovery errors were logged two times. fixed.- text/hexadecimal editor could be opened from the scan information panel while scanning. fixed.text/hexadecimal editor:- data was edited incorrectly outside 32-bit offsets.- the tools/enable write menu was active when read-only files (or files on cd discs) were opened. fixed.- files not always could be changed. fixed.- corrections in searches for template signatures.- corrections in jumps to the position necessary to display data when a template parameter is clicked.- corrections in jumps to the position displayed in template offset on the templates pane.
display tuner 1 7 - Comments
By Garey1983
May 21, 2013, 03:40
trouble installing. i should not have to reboot my computer to install the program. will probably want a reboot once its installed also.disgraceful upgrade police - 30 days only.

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