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Beetle bug 2 full

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beetle bug 2 full
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beetle bug 2 full - Comments
By Todd1982
September 30, 2013, 06:25
update doesn't read processor speeds right on some machines. there are other niggling issues they really need to work out, and i hope they press ahead with a quick development cycle to get things ironed out and up to snuff.
beetle bug 2 full - Comments
By Saul1982
July 13, 2013, 07:21
pretty amazing program considering its free!
beetle bug 2 full - Comments
By Joseph1972
August 27, 2013, 12:59
this beta version scans within archives. it didn't seem to run slower than the release version. top notch software, the pro version has real-time support which i don't use.
beetle bug 2 full - Comments
By Cyrus1975
April 30, 2013, 23:35
to those who trumpted the whole "it's free" rubbish as if that excuses shortcomings:free is not an excuse for lack of features or usability. i and anyone who uses an application has every right to expect a certain level of ease of use or functionality given that the author of the program undertook the endeavor in the first place. in short, get a grip and stop being apologists.now that this point is crystal clear and the "free so don't complain" nonsense thoroughly debunked and consigned to the dung heap where it belongs, audacity is a very competent beginners audio editor. i would appreciate the versatility of goldwave's mixing and cue functions and expect to see the program evolve more towards them in the future just for the sake of ease of use.i'd give it a four and a recommendation as an excellent work in progress.
beetle bug 2 full - Comments
By Crispin1972
May 27, 2013, 19:24
i've been using yds for a while now. i think it's far superior to google. for starters, google will only include the first 500 words of a document in your search. also, i hate the fact that it keeps a cached version of deleted documents. it might be really handy for some people, but it bugs me. i've also checked out copernic, which i think is very good. i like it's small foot print, and it seems really stable. the main reason i don't use copernic is that they're very conservative with pdf files. if there is any sort of restriction on the file you are not permitted to search its content. this is not the case with yds. anyhow, yds i find is a brilliant piece of software. it might not search opera mail, or whatever, but whatever. i guess everything can't be supported. my main complaint with it is that they have poor support. their forum is really poor. there's little information on their main page. indeed, you can't even tell that they have a new version if you go to their page! poor support. anyhow, check it out. or check out copernic, also quite good.

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i do not know what else i did not like.

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